Adamo, Inc.

Adamo Demolition was exploring ways to make their business run more effectively and efficiently – and with a proud 50-year tradition, they were also looking to develop a digital presence that accurately and professionally represented their well-deserved industry reputation. Our design team began working on a brand and website refresh that would bring the company’s compelling story to life.


Our strategic team partnered with Adamo’s demolition teams to analyze personnel and project workflow to identify areas where greater efficiencies could be realized.

The mission was to inject increased accountability into their people, projects and processes — without adding layers of redundancy.

With a large employee base working in the field on projects offsite, tracking hours and projects efficiently and accurately was becoming increasingly burdensome. The mission was to inject increased accountability, accuracy and efficiency into their people, projects and processes — without adding layers of redundancy and bureaucracy. With vast experience in custom-developing applications and implementing innovative solutions, we were perfectly positioned to support them.

The ultimate solution was a mobile-friendly web application that allows workers to accurately log tasks, time and equipment used on projects via company-provided tablets. This end-to-end employee engagement program would prove to not only make project tracking and time-management more efficient and accurate, but also optimize a business process that consumed a hefty portion of each employee’s workday.

What replaced once an inefficient processes was a fully automated technology that infuses accountability and money-saving efficiency across the entire organization, positioning Adamo light years ahead of others in its industry.


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