Fiat Chrysler Automobiles logo

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

We've been working in close collaboration with Fiat Chrysler's Service Information team since 2010. In conjunction with FCA management we plan, design and develop interfaces that corral, organize and deliver millions of data points in an easy to use manner. Our products are used by thousands of technicians daily in order to efficiently perform their work.

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Institute for Multisensory Education logo

Institute for Multisensory Education

The education industry is seeing, at last, its own technology boom and the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education is a driving force behind some of the most innovative tools for teachers.  However, leaders at IMSE recognized that they had reached a nexus of opportunity. They realized that they needed to develop a growth strategy that allowed them to scale at a rate that would allow them to harness their growing demand, but without compromising their standards for quality.

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Principal Financial Group logo

Principal Financial Group

One of the world's leading financial services groups, The Principal has offices in 18 countries and employs over 14,600 people worldwide. Ranked among the world's most powerful companies, it is mission critical that their communication strategy and execution remains above reproach. That said, we were honored to accept the challenge of developing and deploying their digital annual report.

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Adamo, Inc. logo

Adamo, Inc.

Adamo Demolition was exploring ways to make their business run more effectively and efficiently - and with a proud 50-year tradition, they were also looking to develop a digital presence that accurately and professionally represented their well-deserved industry reputation. Our design team began working on a brand and website refresh that would bring the company’s compelling story to life.

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Revs Program at Stanford logo

Revs Program at Stanford

As a multidisciplinary program at Stanford, the program offers classes across a wide variety of study areas, from design to engineering to literature. We were asked to create a logo for the program that met two specific criteria: be immediately recognizable and convey something of the history and cultural impact of the automobile. As a follow up, we produced a quarterly print and mail newsletter that would be cherished by recipients. We aimed to not only provide updates about the program, but to entertain readers with visually rich and historically interesting photographs from the Revs automotive archives.

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SmartMRO logo


Running a vast and complex business requires time, energy and an unimaginable amount of resources. Getting a handle on those resources and their associated costs can be daunting - particularly without the appropriate tools. SmartMRO sought to build that tool and selected us as their partner for strategy, design and implementation of their system.

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JC Fodale Energy Services logo

JC Fodale Energy Services

Among the nation’s fastest-growing providers of energy services, JC Fodale’s explosive growth was under-repesented on the web. We were tasked with designing and developing a site that was on-par with their competitors in terms of branding, functionality and ease-of-use.

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Geffen Playhouse logo

Geffen Playhouse

The Geffen Playhouse is Los Angeles’ premiere venue for live theater performance featuring some of the best names in Hollywood. The Geffen staff needed a website to properly reflect the theater’s reputation and to boost online tickets sales, and Grid was fortunate to win the work.

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BMW Motorrad logo

BMW Motorrad

Excelda Manufacturing, a Detroit-based chemicals manufacturer and fulfillment company, asked us to help them develop a sales tracking and incentive website for their client, BMW Motorrad. Our challenge was to organize the site infrastructure in a way that would a) be meaningful and useful to Excelda’s sales force, b) be useful and easy for BMW Motorrad’s dealers to interact with and c) adhere to BMW’s corporate identity standards.

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NAVTEQ approached us to design and develop user interface screens for an update to their web store. Our goal was to create simple, hyper-usable pages allowing the user to identify their vehicle, select updates and begin the checkout process within three clicks. We designed the find/select pages of the site, then converted the designs into valid, accessible HTML templates for integration into NAVTEQ’s system. We used lightweight jQuery and CSS3 for simple animations.

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The Lost Abbey logo

The Lost Abbey

How do you go about rebuilding a web site for one of the country’s greatest microbreweries? We started by thanking our lucky stars that Matt Varnish, art director and beer aficionado extraordinaire, not only brought the project to our doorstep but would be leading the design. It didn’t hurt that Matt had already gotten cozy with the Abbey’s new aesthetic by designing their 2013 Box Set.

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Varnish Studio logo

Varnish Studio

Our close colleague (and Grammy award winner!) Matt Taylor of Varnish Studio, Inc., came to us with a request for a fluid, dynamic website to function as his portfolio. As Matt’s business depends on showing the versatility, bright colors and extremely high quality of the music, film and videogame industry packaging he designs, we were challenged to devise a site that maximized large, high-resolution visuals and interesting interaction while mitigating page load and site performance issues often associated with JavaScript intensive sites.

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Our clients become our partners, and we’re proud to partner with some of the most innovative companies in business.

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