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February 7, 2013

I’ve always paid attention to the Field Notes Brand notebooks and the creative videos they’ve done for their limited editions releases. Oddly, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to break my loyalty to Moleskin notebooks, and finally give in to Field Notes.

I went to order, and unfortunately, the Fire Spotter Edition was sold out, as well as most of the other ones that I liked. So I went ahead to order the standard ones, which I was ok with because I was still supporting the company.

Just a few days after I ordered my notebooks, I see a status on Facebook from the company saying that they’ve released the Red Blooded version of the notebooks, which was very similar to the Fire Spotter edition. Of course this happened, right after I put in an order. So I commented the status saying that I was bummed that I ordered the standard notebooks just a couple days too early.

I didn’t exactly expect any outcome from my comment, nor did they end up responding to the Facebook comment. But then a week later, this happened…

I was speechless. They sent me a free 3-pack because I [mildly] complained on Facebook. My wife even mentioned how happy I looked when I opened the package. To me, this is what amazing customer service is all about. Because they did something awesome for a customer, that they really didn’t have to do, I’m now here excited and talking about it.

No one remembers average customer service. But people never forget both amazing or horrible customer service. It’s worth going the extra step to be amazing to your customers, because they’ll talk about it to their peers, and come back for more.

- John Phillips